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In 2005 I started Resonant Business. I saw a niche that I could fill, doing what I do best. Selling my business design skills to small and medium sized business. I gave my business a name and a brand and a mission. But really, Resonant Business was, and is, just me. Martha Lucking – Business and Marketing Design Guru. I wanted to help small businesses develop creative, professional and captivating materials, without relying on their overburdened support staff or hiring a big firm. I wanted my service to be a personal and professional experience - that exceeds the expectations of my clients and meets a budget.

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Why am I better than a Big Design Firm?

  • You work with me and only me.
  • I understand small business.
  • I work to accommodate your priorities.
  • I get to know you. I get you. It’s like I can read your mind.
  • I’m able to balance deadlines with quality work
  • 80% of my projects completed are in MS Office – so your staff can reuse and edit what I create I have no overhead – and that saves you so much money

Why am I better than your support staff?

  • I have the time to focus on your project without distractions of everyday work
  • I have superior computer skills ranging from MS Office to the full Adobe Creative Suite
  • I work well with many personalities – even the difficult ones
  • I have a fresh take on your design and marketing your brand
  • If you could hire me full-time, you would


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project samples

The nature of most of my work over the past 10 years is confidential and under non-disclosure agreement. Because of that, I can not share some of the things I'm most excited about! Here's a taste of a few of the projects I've had the pleasure to work on with some of my favorite clients!
  • Fusion Marketing Power

    fusion marketing power

    SINCE 2005

    Website Design - brochures - marketing - powerpoint - website - writing - eblasts - survey

  • Knoll


    SINCE 1999

    Design - powerpoint - prezi - presentation boards - invitations - newsletter

  • Kennedy Marketing


    SINCE 2010

    Website Design - powerpoint - program advertisement

  • Walsh Financial

    Walsh Financial

    SINCE 2007

    Website Design - powerpoint - stationary - advertisement

  • portfolio

    Corporate Concepts

    SINCE 2002

    Proposal Design - Presentation - Special Website Design - powerpoint - stationary - Event Invitations - advertisement

  • Happy Puppy

    Happy Puppy

    SINCE 2010

    Website Design - Brand identity - stationary - brochure

  • Behr Communication

    Behr Communication

    SINCE 2009

    Website Design

  • Home Photo Edits

    Home Photo Edits by Resonant Business

    SINCE 2010

    Bluesky Edits - Removing Distrating Objects - Real Estate Flyers - Special Design

  • Dirty Badger Bicycling

    Dirty Badger

    SINCE 2013

    Brand Identity - Graphic Design

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Warrenville, Illinois

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